Virtual Trucker Rich Presence

An Easy and Open-Source Tool for Everyone

Why choose Virtual Trucker Rich Presence

Virtual Trucker Rich Presence is an open-source project for anybody to use
As easy as installing and launching, it will be ready to use whenever you open the game,
With custom images that change oftenly, you will see the best photos taken by the community!

VTRPC also includes an Update Notifier so you can update just as easy, while also being regularly maintained by our team.
You can be sure that we're giving you the best possible experience in a custom rich presence for ETS2 & ATS.

Exclusive Features, just for our users

We care for our community, that's why we're giving you exclusive features that no other rich presence can give,
such as highly accurate location tracking, job statistics, vehicle details and much more.
And because we like to hear your feedback, we give you the opportunity to submit your own images for the Rich Presence.
We also have ProMods Multiplayer compatibility thanks to Trucky API and TruckersMP, giving you the best experience.

If you don't want to have a cluttered rich presence or prefer a more minimal and lighter version of VTRPC,
you can use VTRPC Lite, which is highly stable and doesn't require regular updates.

Server Status

Check real time TruckersMP server status informations, queue and settings, directly from your devices

Live Map

Explore real time map, showing players around the world playing and driving. Follow friends easily

Find Friends

Check friends status online, track their location on the map, discover on which server they are playing

In-game Overlay

See servers status, your online friends, real time traffic with game moderator reports directly from the game while driving. And much more

Multiplayer Events

View meet-ups and events published on, and

Realtime Traffic

View traffic status, check where you can find more players or to avoid traffic jams